This September, Guatemala is celebrating 202 years of its independence. And, it’s made us reflect on what it means to have independence and freedom. Many of those within Guatemala don’t have even the basic of freedoms – the freedom to dream.

Dream of a better life.

Dream of what their goals and aspirations are.

Or even to simply daydream the day away.

But, at Champions in Action, we strive to empower our kids to be able to dream. Through training up local mentors, Champions in Action is able to reach 400+ kids each year through our mentorship programs. Our mentors encourage our kids to push the norms, strive for something better and foster…  




Follow the steps

Help us fully fund our relationship-building programs

This September, we want to invite you to help us #ClosetheDreamGap. By helping us raise $15,000 this September, you’re donating towards mentors who have committed to mentor these kids day in and day out, year over year, for six years.

Share your dream

We’re celebrating all the big dreams are kids have and helping encourage them to keep dreaming big. Use the hashtags #ClosetheDreamGap and #FreetoDream to share stories and videos of your own big dreams and join us in celebrating being Free to Dream.

Invite others

Share Champions in Action’s big dream of transforming a generation of youth with others you know! The freedom to dream is a basic freedom not many of our kids have. But through their mentor relationships, they’re not only starting to dream big, but also have the skills to go out and achieve those big dream. Help us share the message with your family and friends!