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Where we work

Guatemala City has many zones that are considered “red zones” due to their high crime and poverty levels. We currently work with more than 200 kids in the most dangerous and abandoned zones, like zone 18, La Verbena in zone 7, and Villa Nueva.  

We launched our hub in Chimaltenango at the end of 2021. Chimaltenango is a department next to the capital of the country. It’s known for its rural areas, where agriculture is the main economic activity. Sadly, extreme poverty is very common in the area, accompanied by alcohol abuse. In addition to this, the presence of gangs has increased in the last few years. The area is no longer safe as it used to be for people living in the area or passing by. 


Compassion Fund

Every year, unforeseen things happen with our mentors and families, and Champions in Action wants to be poised to provide immediate support in extreme cases. Over the years, Champions in Action has covered the costs of surgeries, medicines, rehabilitation, and micro-loans for youth, their immediate family members, and mentors within our programs. We want to continue to have funds to meet the needs of our youth, mentors, and their families.

Professional Skills Training

For the youth in our older division, many of the devotions and programming are focused around preparing them to be engaged and collaborative young Christian adults poised to succeed in the outside world. For too many of our kids, working in the garbage dump, window washing or turning to illegal means, are some of the only ways for them to earn an income. In addition to encouraging kids to stay in school – and providing support for them to do so – we provide our older kids with skills-based internship opportunities, host resume-building workshops, and give career and interview advice. Prior youth have interned with a high-profile artisan bakery, 1:1 training with a nationally recognized barista, learned entrepreneurial skills with a bamboo craft store, and gained job experience as mechanics.

Food Support

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families were forced with the impossible decision of keeping family fed or having a roof over their heads. Champions in Action ensured every family in our program received food support in 2020. And, in 2021, we are continuing the commitment for the hardest hit families who are still working to get on their feet. Food bags are filled with over 25 pounds of nutritious non-perishables, like oatmeal, pasta, nutrient-fortified drinks, and much more.

Public Health Programming

Some of the immediate programs are: nutritional education for the families, creating meal plans and recipe guides personalized to their income, and family nutritional needs. Our mentors will be getting trained in basic health guidelines and how to, in turn, educate the communities on public health principles. As COVID restrictions permit, we’ll be launching health education events and activities in the communities and basic health assessments of the families. We’ll also be creating a health network so our families have access to treatment and care, regardless of their condition or income level.

School Supplies

Champions in Action believes that education is one of the keys to a brighter future and that every child deserves the chance for success at school. For that reason, we continue to provide the necessary school supplies for kids in our program. We remain committed to ensuring that no child falls behind at school because they don’t have the funds to buy school supplies.

Red Zone Outreach

We believe in helping to educate others on the circumstances surrounding red zones, how they came to be, and the realities of life within these communities. Our red zone outreach program is an opportunity to experience the communities firsthand, hear from the neighbors, work directly with the youth and understand the circumstances in order to be better, more informed Agents in Action.

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