COVID-19 Emergency Relief Program

Emergency Relief Program

In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions in Guatemala to curb the spread of the virus, many of some of the most vulnerable families are suffering. The loss of income could mean catastrophe for many families. Already working with a vulnerable population, Champions in Action feels compelled to support these families during this time of great need.

How It Works

The mentors are the hands and feet of our organization. They live in the same communities as the kids, they know the families and they have real time information on job loss, the economic situation of each family and the severity of the risk of food insecurity.

Champions in Action has worked with our mentors to evaluate each family and classify them as extreme need, medium-high need and medium-low need. Champions in Action has committed to provide food baskets every month according to the needs of each family for the remainder of 2020.







The first week of each month, the food baskets will be prepared and distributed amongst all of the families. Mentors are being equipped with a standard health protocol for delivering food baskets each month. Champions in Action is also providing all of the mentor groups with hand sanitizer, disposable gloves and non-medical disposable masks.

Champions in Action will be developing a referral network with health care providers, mental health services, abuse support and other resources for the mentors and kids. In addition to the feeding and referral programs, Champions in Action will continue with our distance mentoring program, mentor school and other initiatives during these weeks and months of stay at home orders.

  • Each month, the kids will be provided with a devotion workbook and reading plans to continue receiving the Word and learning how to apply it to their daily lives, including life during lockdown.
  • Our mentor school has gone digital. The curriculum has been adjusted to topics most relevant to this new normal in a time of COVID-19 lockdown. Each month, mentors will be working through public health, mental health, crisis management, pastoral care and other related topics so they can better invest in the kids.
  • Mentoring is continuing! Through social distancing visits when delivering the food bags, phone calls and social media, our mentors are continuing to stay in touch, speak truth to the kids, encourage them and invest in their lives.
  • We’re also developing an at home training curriculum to keep the kids moving, have exercise options and to stay in touch with their passion – soccer – while our soccer league has been postponed indefinitely.
  • We are rolling out regular team challenges for the kids. Whether it’s verse memorization, how many times you can juggle the ball or how creative your dance moves are; we’re committed to keeping the kids engaged and involved in positive activities during this time of lockdown and social distancing.

How You Can Help

The prayers and support of our generous donors and friends makes all this possible. We are eternally grateful for your interest in our emergency relief program and for considering supporting us. There are three big ways you can support Champions in Action in the coming weeks and months:

  1. Donate. Providing food bags for 205 families represents sizable costs. It costs $180 per team per month. Your support ensures that Champions in Action can provide this service for the rest of 2020 and be ready to relaunch our normal programming once safe to do so.
  2. Become an advocate. These are hard times for everyone and we understand not everybody has the financial freedom to give towards other projects at this time. Help us spread the word about our programs and work in Guatemala.
  3. Speak at our mentor school. Do you have a skill or background applicable to our mentors during this time? We’re always looking for volunteers to help train our mentors to further impact the lives of the kids. No Spanish skills needed – we can subtitle or live translate your talk. Email us today.