We’re a Christian nonprofit committed to giving at-risk youth a safe environment to grow, learn and do life together, equipping them with the skills to bring themselves and their families out of the poverty and violence cycle of the red zones.

Our 6-year mentorship model


Since its beginning, Guatemala was established with a social hierarchy, separating those who have opportunities from those who do not. These systemic structures continue to the present and have contributed to the creation of the red zones. In these communities, youth struggle to survive each day, navigating a world dominated by gangs, violence, drugs, and broken families; striving to find their place in the world, while being pulled and influenced by all of the destruction around them.

Our mentorship model


Kids begin the mentorship program, getting used to the team and mentor. This is the prevention stage of getting kids involved with our program, and a positive mentor, before the gangs – and bad influences – can take root. 


In adolescent years the negative influences of the neighborhoods have a larger impact. In this phase, our mentors ‘do battle’ with the kids and are in the trenches of life with them. During these two years, kids have the opportunity to attend our summer camp, providing that ‘line in the sand’ type experience for them.


This phase prepares the kids to flourish once they leave the Champions in Action mentorship program. We prepare the kids to be active and engaged citizens, ready to positively contribute to their families and communities.

How we do what we do

Mentor School

We train our mentors in skills – like discipleship, trauma, and psychology – so they can further deepen the impact of their mentorship.

Weekly Mentorship

Our mentors invest a minimum of 2 hours each week with the kids on their team.

Soccer League

We provide a safe place for the kids to be kids and play the sport they love.


Each summer, we provide a boys’ and girls’ soccer camp as a ‘line in the sand’ experience for our middle division teams.

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