We are a CHRISTIAN nonprofit organization committed to TRANSFORMING THE LIVES of
at-risk youth since 2010.

The disadvantaged youth of Guatemala that lives in the red zones-marginalized, inner-city areas, grow up in environments where father figures and positive adult influences are scarce, and where poverty, gangs, violent crime, broken families, and drug and alcohol abuse are day-to-day realities. The kids grow up not knowing any better, and whole communities get into a violence-poverty cycle.

We break cycles by connecting each kid to a healthy, trained mentor to support them during their critical teenage years to empower them to be able to change their lives, families, and communities forever.
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In our 6 year mentorship model, the kids enter our program at 12 and graduate at 17 years old. Throughout those years, they receive mentorship, discipleship, soccer training, and much more.


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