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Youth 2 Youth

Youth Impacting Youth

Youth leaders, I am excited to share with you Champions in Action new program "Youth 2 Youth".

The idea is simple-build partnerships between your youth groups and our youth in Guatemala. We are hoping that youth groups across the world will join with us as we seek to share the love of Jesus with the youth of Guatemala. 

The youth of Guatemala are just like our youth. However, many of the kids in Guatemala do not have the same opportunities. Too many kids in Guatemala are trapped in dangerous communities surrounded by violence, poverty, prostitution, and gangs. They do not have access to regular meals, education opportunities, or people to simply love them and share the gospel. 

This is where Champions in Action comes in. It is our vision to share the love of Jesus with these kids and provide a safe space to express themself. We begin with meeting their immediate physical needs by providing food, school supplies, educational training, and emergency help as needed. But we do not stop there. We show them the love of God and build connections through the vehicle of soccer, and we provide them the opportunity to join teams, which allows us to build relationships while also providing training and mentorship, allowing them to see possibilities beyond their current environment. 

Champions in Action has had over 15 years of successful ministry through the partnership with many believers. But we are beginning something new!. We are looking to create a new opportunity where we invite youth groups to partner with the Holy Spirit and the youth of Guatemala. 

Each youth group that decides to partner in this program will be linked with a specific Soccer Team and is invited to build a relationship with another team (youth group) in Guatemala.  This partnership will include praying for the other group, sending updates, and creating an open invitation for the youth group to come and volunteer and meet their team in Guatemala.  In addition, the youth group will participate in an annual fundraiser called: The Youth to Youth "Athon''. This is where your youth group gets together and decides to participate in its own fundraising "Athon-Event" such as, a jog-athon, bike-athon, walk-athon, skate-athon or any type of "Athon" and raise funds to support their team in Guatemala.


Organizing these Youth-athons is simple. Youth pastors/leaders communicate the vision and give youths sign-up forms to gather sponsors from friends and family for each lap or mile, usually at a rate of one dollar each lap, with a maximum of $20. Each group can select their own "Athon" format and date. Champions provide all necessary sign-up materials and support throughout the process. Additionally, the gathering provides an opportunity to welcome others, celebrate, and see the influence of God's work within the group. 

After the youth group completes the event and collects the sponsorships the money is sent to support their 

team in Guatemala. Champions in Action will also send updates to your youth groups of how God is moving and how their support has helped. 

This is Christ in action. This is Youth 2 Youth. Join us today! 

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