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Where the Gospel, Love, and Soccer Unite


To Love as Christ Loved

We’re a Christian nonprofit committed to giving at-risk youth a safe environment to grow, learn and do life together, equipping them with the skills to bring themselves and their families out of the poverty and violence cycle of the red zones.

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Current Locations

Guatemala City

Guatemala City has many zones that are considered “red zones” due to their high crime and poverty levels. We currently work with more than 200 kids in the most dangerous and abandoned zones, like zone 18, La Verbena in zone 7, and Villa Nueva.  


We launched our hub in Chimaltenango at the end of 2021. Chimaltenango is a department next to the capital of the country. It’s known for its rural areas, where agriculture is the main economic activity. Sadly, extreme poverty is very common in the area, accompanied by alcohol abuse. In addition to this, the presence of gangs has increased in the last few years. The area is no longer safe as it used to be for people living in the area or passing by. 

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We connect disadvantaged youth to life-changing mentors through the gospel of Jesus Christ and soccer.

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To empower a generation of at-risk youth – through the Gospel, mentorship, and soccer – to transform themselves, their families, their communities, and their nation.


Core Values

2 Corinthians 8:21
We do what’s excellent even if it’s inconvenient for us or the organization. We treat people with respect and we are all responsible for the actions of colleagues that could be inconsistent with our values.


Mark 11:24

We establish our foundation upon prayer and look to our Prayer Board for guidance and support. We make bold decisions of faith but complement these decisions with hard work.

Dependence Upon God

2 Timothy 2:2

Our value mentors executes our mission. We invest into their lives through intentional discipleship. We pray for them, care for them and do everything in our power to assist them in their work with our youth.

We Embody Mentorship

1 Corinthians 11:31

We are objective in determining our impact and seek to quantify our impact in programmed activities. We strive to understand our performance in order to improve it for the benefit of our organization.

We Measure Results

Numbers 30:2

We are true to our word and fulfill what we promise. We seek to honor God through excellent stewardship of the responsibilities assigned to us.


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After coming on a mission trip to Guatemala, Jon Jakubowski saw the overwhelming necesity for mentorship in the lives of youth living in red zone communities...

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Senior Businessman
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Meet Joseph Houser



Jesus not only calls us to love people but modeled how we are to love others. Jesus always met people where they are at. He came to serve the poor, so too, he became poor. He had compassion on all people and loved them. He did not come to condemn but to save. In the same way we are called to love.  

At Champions in Action we are committed to loving the at-risks youth of Guatemala. We do that by meeting the youth where they are at. Life in the red zone is full of violence, crime, poverty, and hopelessness. However, soccer is often the one thing these kids dream and look forward to. So we meet the kids where they are at and provide them soccer leagues to join so we can build relationship with them and show them the love of Jesus.  

But our focus is not on the vehicle of soccer… it is the kids.  We desire to see these kids break free from the cycle of violence, poverty, and oppression. We firmly believe God is looking to do miracles in and through all of the kids and is calling Champions in Action to be part of those miracles. And most importantly, we believe the best is yet to come! 

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Discover the passionate individuals driving our mission at Champions in Action. Our team is a diverse group of dedicated professionals, united by a shared commitment to empowering Guatemala's at-risk youth.

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Our National and Global board members are the backbone of Champions in Action, providing strategic direction and governance to ensure we achieve our mission. Comprised of experienced leaders from various fields, our board offers invaluable guidance and oversight.


We know you value transparency, and we do too. Please, download our Annual Report from last year to see an overview of the amazing things that happened in 2022 because of your support.

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At the heart of Champions in Action is our unwavering faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our statement of faith outlines the core beliefs that guide our mission and values.

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Change Lives Today

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