About Us


We connect disadvantaged youth to life-changing mentors through soccer.


To empower a generation of at-risk youth – through soccer, mentorship, and the Gospel – to transform themselves, their families, their communities, and their nation.


We say what we do and do what we say

Numbers 30:2

We value the communication of others and are proactive in our communication both verbal and written. We are true to our word and fulfill what we promise. We seek to honor God through excellent stewardship of the responsibilities assigned to us.

We pray like it depends on God and works as it depends on us

Mark 11:24

We establish our foundation upon prayer and look to our Prayer Board for guidance and support. We make bold decisions of faith but complement these decisions with hard work.

We embody mentorship

2 Timothy 2:2

We value our mentors as they are the body that executes our mission. We invest into our mentors’ lives through intentional discipleship. We pray for them, care for them and do everything in our power to assist them in their work with our youth.

We measure results

1 Corinthians 11:31

We are objective in determining our impact and seek to quantify our impact in programmed activities. We strive to understand our performance in order to improve it for the benefit of our target market.

We do the right thing

2 Corinthians 8:21

We are always ethical. We are always truthful. We always do what’s excellent even if it’s costly or inconvenient for us or the organization. We always treat people with respect regardless of their status or opinion. And we are all responsible for the reporting and actions of colleagues and supervisors that are inconsistent with our values.

Our Story

After coming on a mission trip to Guatemala between high school and college, Jon Jakubowski saw the overwhelming need for father figures in the lives of kids living in red zone communities. Enrolled in college, and praying alongside the Maumee River in Ohio, Jon received a ‘download’ from God, giving a blueprint for the organization and showing the faces of some of the hundreds of thousands of youth God wanted to impact. Champions in Action was founded in 2008 by Jonathan Jakubowski, who now chairs our Global Board of Directors. Operations began in Guatemala in November 2010.