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Answering God's call to help the helpless

Choosing to Get Involved and Make a Difference

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The point of the Starfish

I have always loved the parable of the starfish.  If you are not familiar with this parable take a look at the video on "Saving a Child...Sponsoring a Child."  I share the parable in that video.  

The point of the parable is, we all face feelings that our efforts will not amount to anything so why bother.  But the story of the starfish reminds us that although we cannot do everything for everyone, we can do something for someone.  

For this reason, we encourage you to prayerful consider getting involved in one of the many ways to help save these youths lives. Make a difference if it is just to one! 

How you can help

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Volunteer at Camp

Volunteer at our boys or girls camp in the summer.



Become an Intern and help us transform lives. 


Fundraise with us!

Partner with us and run your own fundraising campaign. 



Get involved with supporting the work with a financial support.

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 Lunch Break

Change Lives Today

Your gift helps our youth in Guatemala to get more opportunities. Just $30 a month you can save a child.

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