We’re on a mission to unlock the extraordinary potential within every child. Our campaign is more than just a fundraiser – it’s a movement to shine a light on the resilience, courage, and sheer determination of the young champions in our community.

Prepare for a journey like any other as we explore the extraordinary stories of resilience, courage, and success that define our young champions. Each week, in this section we’ll share fresh content highlighting the actual changes made possible by your contributions. From surviving tragedy to celebrating great and small achievements, you’ll witness firsthand how God’s unconditional love and our community’s support transform lives.

Our youths face challenges that would terrify even the toughest of us in Guatemala’s most difficult zones. Yet, every day, they overcome adversity with unwavering passion and resilience.

Their stories are more than just survival stories; they are beacons of hope, demonstrating that even in the darkest of times, they were able to overcome struggles with the grace of the Lord and the support of those who stand by their side on every day.

By supporting our campaign, you’re not just donating – you’re becoming a part of something transformative. You’re amplifying voices that too often go unheard and standing alongside those who refuse to be defined by their circumstances.

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